URML Corporate Services in Malaysia

  1. Corporate Secretarial Services
  2. Company Formation- New Incorporation- Shelf Companies
  3. Company search & Reports
  4. Representative Office or Regional office Application to MIDA
  5. Branch office Application
  6. Company Restructuring
  7. Registration of Various Business License-Publication, Permit, Recruitment License etc.
  8. Foreign Investment Committee(FIC) Application
  9. Operational Headquarters(OHQ) Status Application
  10. Regional Distribution Centre(RDC) Status Application
  11. International Procumbent Centre(IPC) Status Application
  12. Ministry of Finance(MOF), Petronas and CIDB Registrations
  13. Manufacturing License
  14. Incentive for Manufacturing Related Services:- a) Pioneer Status b) Investment Tax Allowance
  15. Import Duty Exemption on Raw Materials/ Machinery
  16. Licensed Manufacturing Warehouse(LMW) Application
  17. Expatriate Posts- Key Posts or Time Posts