Malaysia My Second Home Programme (MM2H)

What is MM2H Programme?

Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H) Programme is promoted by the Government of Malaysia to allow foreigners who fulfill certain criteria, to stay in Malaysia for as long as possible on a multiple-entry social visit pass.

The Social Visit Pass is initially for a period of ten (10) years (depending on the validity of the applicants’ passport) and is renewable.

This programme is initiated, organized and launched by the Malaysian government and is thus one that the government will continuously seek to improve, to ensure its success

It is open to citizens of all countries recognized by Malaysia regardless of race, religion, gender or age. Applicants are allowed to bring their spouses and unmarried children below the age of 21 as dependants.

Applicant must prove a minimum monthly offshore income of not less than RM10,000 and are required to show proof of liquid assets in bank savings worth a minimum of RM5,00,000( Below 50 years of age) RM3,50,000 (Above 50 years age)

Incentives Offered:

Participants of Malaysia My Second Home Programme are provided with various incentives to make their stay even more comfortable and enjoyable in Malaysia.

House Purchase

Participants may purchase any number of residential property in Malaysia, subject to the minimum price established for foreigners by the different states. They start from RM500,000 per unit for most states, from 1st Mac 2014. Land is a state matter and it is important to check state laws before making any commitment, as the minimum purchase price is not standardized between states. 

Profits made on the sale of property is subjected to current Real Property Gains Tax rate set by the Government of Malaysia.

Car Purchase

Each participant is allowed to bring in his/her own personal car OR to purchase a locally-assembled car without the need to pay import duty, excise duty and sales tax. Applications must be submitted to the Ministry concern for approval with in 1 year for local assembled vehicle and 6 month for imported vehicle


participants are allowed to bring their children and step children who are below 21 years old and not married as their dependants. Dependants who intend to continue their schooling in Malaysia are required to apply for a student pass. However, the participants are require to be responsible for all the living costs including study fees for their dependants while living in Malaysia. Children who intend to continue their schooling in Malaysia are required to apply for a Student Pass and should be insured throughout their stay under this programme.


Participants are bound by the policies, systems and regulations of taxes of this country and they do not have exemption qualifications as granted to Diplomatic Missions in Malaysia. However, tax exemption is given to pension remitted into Malaysia.

Domestic Helper

Each applicant is allowed to apply for one maid subject to the prevailing guidelines of the Immigration Department of Malaysia


Participants are not allowed to work or be employed while staying in Malaysia. Persons wishing to obtain employment visas should apply directly to Immigration Department of Malaysia.Participants should not participate in activities that can be considered sensitive to the local people and/or a threat to the security of the country.



Fact File


The Federation of Malaysia comprises Peninsular Malaysia  and the states of Sabah and Sarawak on the Island of Borneo.

Geographical Location

Located between 2 and 7 degrees north of the Equator, Peninsular Malaysia is separated from the states of Sabah and Sarawak by the South China Sea. To the north of Peninsular Malaysia is Thailand, while its southern neighbor is Singapore. Sabah and Sarawak is on Borneo Island


329,758 sq km


25 million


Kuala Lumpur


Malays who make up about 57% of the population are the predominant group with Chinese, Indians and other ethnic groups making up the rest.


Bahasa Malaysia is the national language but English is widely spoken. The ethnic groups speaks various languages and dialects.


Malaysians live in a multi-religious society. Islam is the official religion but other religions like Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism and Sikhism are practiced freely.


Tropical climate with warm weather all year round. Temperatures range from 21 degrees to 32 degrees Celsius. Annual rain fall varies from 2000mm to 2500mm.


Parliamentarian democracy with a bicameral legislative system. The head of state is the Yang Di Pertuan Agung and the Head of Government is the Prime Minister.


Many reasons to move to Malaysia or buying a second home.

  • Low cost of living than most developed countries
  • High economic growth
  • Substantial investment in infrastructure and upgrading of facilities
  • Warm, friendly people who speak English
  • Hot climate but rarely extreme
  • Economic and political stability
  • Variety of local/international cuisine  Malay, Chinese, Indian, Thai, Western and other food from all over the world
  • Shopping malls & supermarkets including Tesco hypermarkets all over Kuala Lumpur and other parts of the country
  • Natural beauty all over the country
  • Sports including Formula 1 racing and plenty of golf clubs throughout the country
  • Other entertainment such as theatres, clubs, restaurants, cinemas and satellite TV
  • Telecommunications is excellent with high speed internet services, mobile phone & landline phone services
  • Air services both local, regional and international flights that cover every Asian capital city and many cities around the world
  • Quality education including international schools, private colleges and universities
  • First class medical facilities with internationally recognised hospitals and clinic.
  • English is widely used in Malaysia, there is no language barrier.
  • Malaysia is a peaceful country with different cultures and nationalities.
  • Affordable country to live in, with reasonable property prices
  • Politically stable with liberal government policies.
  • Foreigners can have 100% ownership of their business.
  • Ever-growing and developing economy.
  • Excellent infrastructure with facilities, highways, trains and airports.
  • Good educational facilities.
  • Malaysia is safe from natural diasters such as earthquake and tsunami.
  • Malaysia is a gateway to the world, allowing easy connectivity and travel with many budget airlines available.
  • Malaysia ranked 11th for the Gobal peace Index for 2010
  • The MM2H pass is renewable after every 10 years, allowing multiple entries to Malaysia. Indefinite extentions.
  • Short approval processing time(90 working days only)
  • MM2H Holders are not restricted by a minimum stay requirement throughout thr 10 years, to eligible for renewal for the next 10 years.
  • Immediate family members can apply together. Even children (below the age of 21) are eligible to apply together.
  • Parents above the age of 60 can also be included in the application.


Application Checklist

MM2H Programme


Documents Required:-

1.  Letter of Application from Main Applicant (Cover letter);

  • Personal Background as well as your intention in joining this programme
  • Persons(s) whom you wish to come with(single or with family)
  • Briefly application how you will support your stay in Malaysia.(Financial capabilities)
  • Indicate the financial criteria you wish to use either monthly salary OR monthly off-shore income

Note:- (Only applicant who are drawing from Government Approval Funds will be considered to have fulfilled the ‘’Monthly Off-shore income’’ Criteria)

2. A copy of Resume by the main applicant which include the following informations;

  • Academic qualification
  • Working experience
  • Skills or expertise acquired

3. Six (6) Colored passport-size photograph (3.5cm*5.0cm).

4. Copy of passport / Travel documents (All pages) with certification on the pages with personal particulars

5. Letter conduct (LGC) from your relevant government agency ;( No criminal record certification)

6. Certified copy of Marriage Certificate (if accompanied by spouse)

7.  Certified copy of birth Certificate / legal documents (If accompanied by children / adopted children/ parents)

8. Certified copy(s) of latest Bank statement/ other related financial documents to indicate the financial capability to support stay in Malaysia

            (Note: Below 50 years to show proof of liquid assets- Minimum RM 5, 00,000

                       : Above 50 years to show proof of liquid assets- Minimum RM 3, 00,000)

9.  Latest 3 months certified copies of pay slip/ income statement (if employed)/pension slip.

     (Note:- Minimum income of RM 10, 000 PER month to be credited in the Bank statement)



 For aged below 50 years…….RM 3, 00,000

For aged above 50 years…….RM 1, 50,000

(Note: Applicant is allowed to withdraw the FIXED DEPOSIT (term deposit) after one year from the endorsement and must retain a sum of RM150, 000 for aged below 50, RM1, 00,000 for aged above 50. Tentatively as long as the applicant remains under MM2H programme. The withdrawal is for the purposes relating to the house purpose, education for Children in Malaysia and Medical expenses only.

 * Terms & Conditions Applied)

2. Purchase Medical Insurance (all members) upon arrival in Malaysia.(Depends on Age)

3. All Applicants and their dependents are required to do a Medical Check-up from any private hospital or registered clinic in Malaysia.

4. Immigration; Social Visit pass fee RM ………….. /per personal for 10 years