Universal Resource Management Limited (URML) is a private limited company registered under the office of the Registrar of Joint Stock Companies (RJSC) of Bangladesh with an aim to provide supreme simplicity and superb services to the Clients/ Customers/ Guests supported by a team of professionals.

About Universal Resource ManagementLimited (URML)

Building a socially responsible and profitable organization focused on education, employment, empowerment and entertainment (4E) of human being with growth potential and assisting stakeholders to build a highly capable and ethically enriched human resources for the globe.
1. Establishment of Social Business related with Education, Employment, Entertainment and Empowerment.
2. Establishment of trusted relations with the stakeholders.
3. Establishment of broader client/customer/guest base with strong loyalty.
4. Instituting the services among the potential areas bythe year 2016.
5. Focused on state of art technology and highly capable manpower.
6. Continuous endeavor to be a preferred organization by the year 2020.
Universal Resource Management Limited (UMRL) is established on the stage of certain values, which makes it a safe organization to deal with confidence and comfort to enjoy the services.
Assurance of quality: We believe that quality is an important factor in developing consumer loyalty, which has been the main focus of many big brands. We ensure to provide this through the experience and expertise of our well-informed team.
Ethics: We have an ethical code of conduct, which guides our employees in case of ethical dilemmas. These moral guidelines are the building blocks of future success and long run stability
Convenience to clients: Simplicity and convenience are reflected in our services. Our processes are simple and straightforward so that our stakeholders have clear and perfect knowledge about our services and therefore can take decisions with ease.
Reliability: Our devotion towards our work and our clients'/customers’/guests’ interest makes us a dependable source when concerning the future of our clients. Not only do we aim to provide our customers with the best social services like overseas education consultation, employment, training and development and entertainment but also build them a successful career, which makes us trustworthy for them.
Value for money service: Besides providing quality academic and other opportunities for our customers we intend to provide this at a very acceptable value, which would ensure maximum satisfaction for them.
Security: Our association with government registration authorities and extensive knowledge of the admissions process can give our customers confidence in our service when dealing with us.

Future Ahead

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